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Although every Abstract Effects release comes ready to go right out of the box with no building necessary, we know that some of you want to make your own gimmicks! Here you can buy anything you need to get started! Anything from magnets to tape to elastic thread, we got you covered!

9 products found in Gimmick Supplies

Super Thin Disc Magnets
  • From $5.00
Elastic Thread
  • $14.00
Fake $100 Bill
  • $1.00
Magnetic Shim Sheet
  • $10.00
Black Magician's Wax
  • $3.00

Sold out

Ink Pens Matching Bicycle Cards
  • $3.00
"Real" $100 Bill
  • $97.00
Super Glue
  • $12.00
Double Stick Tape
  • $5.00